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SoBe Surf Paddle Board Shop Florida Cocoa Beach Merritt Island Miami Owner Girard Middleton's daughter Audrey

Located in Merritt Island, Florida. Our pro-level expertise, personal service and outstanding prices are hard to beat. We offer free advanced stroke training from our pro staff with each board purchase!

We proudly carry Infinity and ECS stand up paddleboards!

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We’re stocked with 2021 boards from ECS and Infinity, and we have even more on the way. Free local pickup and flat rate shipping to the continental US. We’re a family-owned shop that gives 100% to take care of our customers!

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We carry a full range of recreational, cruiser, fishing, race, and surfing stand up paddleboards! Looking for something that you don’t see here? We may have it in the shop. Call us and we’ll be happy to help!

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    The BARRA is our Sports Tourer and Fish-On SUP. This board features a displacement hull for ultimate glide combining great stability, thanks to the recreational shape template and forgiving tail. The full “race like” rails provide a stable platform for fishing or yoga making this an ultimate recreational board.
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    The cruiser board is for those flat-water days or fun on the river, lake, and even in small surf. It has a conservative rocker profile throughout for fast smooth paddling yet a touch of nose lift to keep you happy if you venture into the surf. The length of the Cruiser allows the user to paddle for longer in a straight line before changing sides. This is ideal for long paddles along the river or lake when quick turning isn't essential. Extremely light for an 11'2 board at 25lb. You will notice how much distance you can cover with little effort. Very popular for anyone looking to explore the waterways with friends and even the pooch upfront.