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    ECS Wideboy SUP paddle board blue ECS Wideboy SUP paddle board pink
    The Wideboy is ideal for those wanting a shorter board to surf yet requiring extra volume and stability. The board has a wider nose and center point for early entry into the wave yet turns with ease thanks to the pulled in swallow tail. We will have the ECS Wideboy back in stock in June 2021. Buy now to reserve yours, and contact us if you have any questions about local pickup or shipping!
  • infinity new deal sup paddle board infinity new deal SUP blue
    The New Deal is a performance longboard shape with a thin rail and concave like a shortboard underneath. Make no mistake, these board are not cruiser boards, they are performance-tuned shred machines. Fast and responsive off the tail and locked in nose rides on the front. Multiple widths to accommodate surfers of all sizes. There is not another longboard style SUP surf shape quite like this on the market. Incredibly light and durable "SUPspension Tech" construction takes it to the next level.
  • The Infinity Blackfish got all-new Team Elite Carbon construction, which resulted in the lightest and even more durable Blackfish boards we have ever made. We feel it offers the best strength-to-weight ratio in the market. Infinity is known for high quality, and the level has been taken up another notch. The Blackfish is the all-around king and has influenced an industry with the original Dave Boehne designed hybrid planning hull surf concepts applied to SUP race designs.
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    The cruiser board is for those flat-water days or fun on the river, lake, and even in small surf. It has a conservative rocker profile throughout for fast smooth paddling yet a touch of nose lift to keep you happy if you venture into the surf. The length of the Cruiser allows the user to paddle for longer in a straight line before changing sides. This is ideal for long paddles along the river or lake when quick turning isn't essential. Extremely light for an 11'2 board at 25lb. You will notice how much distance you can cover with little effort. Very popular for anyone looking to explore the waterways with friends and even the pooch upfront.
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    ECS Evo SUP paddle board green ECS Evo SUP paddle board blue
    The EVO is the “All-Rounder” in our range. It has a nice shape template with flowing rail lines for smooth glide in flat water paddling. The board features a flatter deck and medium rails, with a little extra width in the nose and tail for stability.
  • SUP shaper Dave Boehne refers to his latest creation as a “performance easy rider” as this board is as the name implies. Stable (wide) and Fast (speed). Not the most creative name in the world but it gets to the point quick!
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    Little Bay River Rope Classic Wood SUP Little Bay River Rope Classic Wood SUP
    Made with a mid-tone Red Cedar body and a laser-cut Celtic rope inlay with cool blue epoxy fill running down the center. Paddle included. Weight: 32 lbs Dimensions: 125" × 31" × 5" Paddle Length: 6'6"
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    Little Bay Geo Classic Wood SUP Little Bay Geo Classic Wood SUP
    The Geo, an articulate pattern consisting of core and sap cedars with aspen arranged to portray an illusion. Paddle included. Weight: 33 lbs Dimensions: 124" × 31" × 5" Paddle Length: 6'4"
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    Little Bay River Classic Wood SUP Little Bay River Classic Wood SUP
    Made with a White Cedar body and a cool blue epoxy river running down the center. Paddle included. Weight: 29 lbs Dimensions: 123" × 31" × 5" Paddle Length: 6'4"